Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Late Night Musings: Keeping our Eyes Open

What can focus cause us to miss?

I was running today trying to race off the massive amounts of consumed food that coincides with visiting family in Michigan.  I was pushing my pace when the view you see above stopped me.  I was so focused on the path in front of me that I didn't take in the full view of my surroundings. I've run this trail close to 40 times and never truly noticed the scenery that was around me.  

I've wondered tonight about how this short moment can be representative of many of our daily interactions.  We can be so busy doing 'what needs to be done' during a day that we miss out on many things that can happen.

There is no clarion call about what we NEED to change today; just a request that we (myself included) stay open to what is happening in the periphery of what we do.


(Photo: Stream along the White Pine Trail, Rockford, MI)

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  1. Weird that I just completed a nature-y blog post tonight before I read yours... Glad to see you are keeping the blog up!