Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book Review: The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey (Book #1: The Girl at Midnight series)

Echo is your normal teenage New York City pickpocket…if normal means stealing magical items, jumping though portals and living with someone who is thousands of years old.   The Girl at Midnight, Melissa Grey’s strong debut novel, enters us into a world that hides just beyond our world.  A world at war.  The Avicen, who Echo is aligned with, are fighting the Drakharin for control of their world.  Echo has been taught that the Drakharin are evil and ruthless.  Especially the Dragon Prince.

Caius looks like a teenager but has been part of this ancient war for over 250 years.  He wants this war to end.  Caius is intent on finding the Firebird; legend has it that this powerful being is capable of ending this war once and for all and that whoever controls the Firebird controls the fate of the war.  Two things to know about Caius: He is Drakharin.  He is also the Dragon Prince.

When the paths of Caius and Echo meet they find themselves both searching for the Firebird.  Both have secrets about themselves and their journey will teach them much about each other.  They might even like each other.  If the world doesn’t end.

The Girl at Midnight is a fast-paced book that kept me on edge.  I enjoyed the Echo’s sharp wit and the interplay she had with the other characters in the book.  Science fictiony YA lit can be harder for me to get into but I enjoyed the world Grey created.   A small complaint I have is that the ending of the book seemed rushed; A LOT happened in the last 50 pages. I am glad this book is a part of a series because I want to know where this story will lead.

I have bought a copy of this book and can’t wait to add to my classroom library.  This type of novel will appeal to many of my students and there is already a waiting list to check it out!  I recommend The Girl at Midnight to those looking for an exciting read with strong characters and whose journey you will get to enjoy through multiple books.

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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