Monday, July 7, 2014

Into the Blog

Why Blog?

Effective blogs make you feel a connection to both the author of the blog and the community of readers that follow them.  I've spent years enjoying/devouring blogs for information about politics, education and sports.  Now I want to step into this intriguing world of blogging.  I want to write about topics that interest me, that push me, and that cause me to think about the world we live in.

This blog will be focused in five areas:
  • Education: I look forward to posting and examining my thoughts as well as the thoughts of others when it comes to educational pedagogy and practice.
  • Book Reviews: Much of my free time, at times too much, is spent reading young adult and non fiction books.  Reviews will be centered on each books impact on me and the impact I could see it having on others.   
  • Current Events...with History!: With the constant stream of news we are exposed to it is easy to become overloaded with information.  At times I will blog about current events and provide background knowledge on the event.
  • Sports: I don't foresee this becoming a large part of this blog but there will be times when pain from a Lions season or the joy of FIFA '14 will require a post.
  • Musings about the Human Condition: There will be times when I want to explore my thinking or the thinking of others.  Enter musings.
I am curious to see the progression of this blog over time.  I expect it to become more focused and more thoughtful as I gain experience.

Let's begin a journey,


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